Rwenzori Mountains National Park Uganda


The Rwenzori Mountain is the highest mountain range in the whole of Africa, with 6 glacial peaks: Mount Speke, Mount Stanley, Mount Gessi, Mount Emin Pasha, Mount Luigi da Savoia as well as Mount Baker. The main peaks, can be probably compared to those of Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya. These two peaks, Margherita (5.109m) and Alexandra (5.083m) on Mount Stanley are adventurous for any adventurous mountain hiker in Africa Rwenzori Uganda safari

Species. Mountain vegetation, the Giant lobelia and so much more. The vegetation is according to the altitude: the forest zone (between 1.800 and 2.500 m), the bamboo forest (up to 3000 m), the heather and Alpine zones (3000-4.500 m), with forests of giants heather plants, giant lobelias and groundsels. Find over 70 mammal species recorded (elephants, chimpanzee golden cat, , yellow – backed duiker) and 177 birds, especially the Rwenzori turaco, cuckoo, , robin, owl and francolin

Activities. Most tourists are anxious to take on the central circuit trial which lasts 6 nights 7 days to complete and allows to see the main peaks. Other shorter hikes can take up to 4 days.