Semliki National Park Uganda

Semliki National Park Uganda


This park, 220 kms, lies along the Congolese border following the Semliki river, within the

Western arm of the Albertine Rift Valley, in the North of Rwenzori mountains. The altitude is on

the average 700 m above sea level.

There are 336 tree species recorded, of which 24 are restricted to the Park (like Isolana

Congolana and Ejacis Guineesis); 435 bird species (at least 40 of them are found nowhere else in

Uganda); 63 mammals, like elephants, leopards, buffaloes (nowhere else are found flying

squirrels, pygmy antelope and six types of bats); 9 primates (chimpanzee, blue monkey, vervet

monkeys, baboon); at least 374 species of butterflies.

Natural walk from the headquarter at Sempaya gate down to the river Semliki, enjoying bird

watching, butterflies, flowers and trees. Moreover there are two “hot springs” (one male, one

female), situated in a tract of hot mineral encrusted swamp land, where visitors see a jet of

hot water and a pool of boiling water.