Biking Tours in Uganda

Uganda is a memorable slice of African adventure! You cannot imagine the diversity in landscapes, culture, and wildlife unless you see it.On a trip to Uganda, you may want to participate in a biking tour. This green nation called Uganda has it all, the beautiful scenery, the most friendly people and adventurous off-road trails. If it is your dream to ride a bike in Africa, now is the time to make your dream come true. The best time you’ll feel the hospitality of Uganda will be while enjoying your bike ride.

You can ride from Elephants to Gorillas, from river Nile to Lake Albert feasting on the delicious scenery all around you. You don’t need to be a professional trail rider to enjoy biking tours. Different safaris are set out there for average riders with little experience. The passion for adventure and biking is what is most important. Through biking tours, you will come closer with nature and the people.On a bike you have more time to enjoy the scenery, you are active and you can even interact more with the people you see and meet. Tours can be organised in groups or on an individual base.

What you need

To enjoy a biking tour there are some things you cannot afford to forget. We have suggested a few below;

  • A comfortable outfit for cycling. It doesn’t have to be a pro outfit, let it be just comfortable.
  • A good camera for taking awesome pictures whenever you wish
  • A rain coat just in case it rains
  • Sun glasses to protect you from the brightness
  • Sunscreen to prevent you from sun burns
  • Swimming costume or gear for those that would like to enjoy the awesome pool after a heated bike tour
  • Insect repellent though this is really optional
  • Any other relevant personal necessity you think you want to carry along

So get to ask for a bike safari to be added to your itinerary today